Bridging the Gap

How lucky are we to live the life we live?

We nourish the ground and stock and in return it gives.

Our industry is one of a kind.

It’s hard work but the people don’t mind.

You see, we love what we do.

We enjoy working the land and providing for you.

We plant the seed in the spring. Harvest it in the fall.

We tend to our crop and our stock at every beckoning call.

We fight the rain, the cold and the miserably hot.

We raise the food safely and correctly though sometimes the consumer thinks not.

The gap between the consumer and us has grown to wide.

It is our goal to show them, we produce our food with so much pride.

For many of us, this is all we have ever known.

If given the chance we hope the true story can be shown.

We would happily open our farm to you.

To show you the process and the troubles we go through.

To answer your questions, and listen to your concerns.

It could be an experience where we both can learn.

We are blessed beyond belief to live the lifestyle we do.

Don’t hesitate to call or ask. We are more then happy to share it with you.

So farmers and ranchers open your ears, your eyes, and your farm.

Open up to the consumers and show their food is produced with no harm.

Agriculture is in our blood, it pumps through our veins and our heart.

Now it is the time to bridge the gap and do our part.

Show the consumer how much your job means to you.

How you raise their food safely, it’s what we were born to do.

Share your story, the process, your livelihood.

Share for the sake of the industry if you could.

We can’t let the consumer be afraid of what we produce.

We can’t let others tell our story and social media run loose.

Our job may be loving the stock and the land.

In today’s day and age our industry needs a helping hand.

So don’t get mad at the next consumer who disrespects what you do.

Instead, share your story, allowing them to see the real you.

The farmer who pours every ounce into their farm.

Who produces their food without any harm.

The farmer who loses yields or calves or even your livelihood.

Yet, no matter how bad the troubles may be you still see the good.

Show them how proud you are, of the work you do.

It won’t just benefit them it will help you.

We are an industry, united as one.

We will work endlessly until the job is done.

Let’s join together and bridge the gap.

Let’s share our story and make 2018 the best year yet.




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