The Test- By Brittany Wilbanks

The sun rises on charred ground.

Any human would shed a tear from looking around.

Fences are gone and cattle are dead.

Ranchers are in pain and unable to rest their heads.

Their livelihoods have been taken.

Families, friends and animals have been shaken.

The fires nor pain will keep them away.

They will get up and fight another day.

You see, God has a plan, whether we like it or not.

He gives the rancher-wind, snow, rain and the unbearably hot.

Test after test, the rancher goes on.

America will never see the day the rancher is gone.

On the horizon you see lines of trucks hauling hay.

The fellow rancher has helped to save the day.

The ranching and farming family is more then most can comprehend

They will be there day after day until their community is on the mend.

From coast to coast- we are united as one.

We are here for each other and to get the job done.

Ranchers are full of hope, strength and tenacity.

They love one another and choose to believe.

Believe that no matter what God has in store.

Our fellow ranchers will be there at our door.

To help us push forward, to not lose hope.

To show Americans what they need to know most.

You see, farming and ranching is more then a profession.

It’s a burning desire, a passion and a dedication.

It’s something passed down and taught with love.

It’s about making those gone before us, proud from above.

It’s hard work-values- blood sweat and tears.

It’s why the rancher has been around for so many years.

We love what we do- our crop and our stock.

Whatever God throws our way we won’t stop.

We are American Born, American raised.

We will rise from the ashes to fight another day.

So pray for the ones who have lost their life work.

Pray for their families and for God to lift their hurt.

If it’s one thing I know that ranchers do best–

It’s trusting in God, even through all of his tests.


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