Blessed Even Through The Mess

The shock of Hurricane Harvey has finally slowed down.

The fires in Montana are finally making headlines around.

These natural disasters are sometimes over looked.

While one is occurring another one is on the hook.

News coverage is often lacking of the devastation they may cause.

That doesn’t mean for one minute that the nation doesn’t pray and pause.

For the people who are hurting–the ones struggling with fear.

For they are losing something that is very close and dear.

Family and friends are out fighting-risking their lives.

While family evacuates and worries that this could be their last goodbyes.

This nation is always hurting by what nature has in store.

Sometimes she seems to pile on more and more and more.

The thing she doesn’t realize, that even through the hurt.

Americans are staying strong while their things are being burnt.

We are resilent people, strong and faithful too.

Even though news coverage is lacking we are still praying for you.

So even though the headlines might not show the story in depth.

The heartache, the losses and the tears that have been wept. 

It is up to us fellow Americans to share their story too.

Because we know if it was you in their shoes, they would do the same for you.

So people in Montana, Texas and those states that are in hurt.

Know we are watching, praying, and sharing your story of your lives being burnt.

So share their story–share it loud and clear.

Share details–the pain–how much it’s near and dear.

We are praying for you all and wishing you the best. 

For one thing I know is God will never rest.

He’s watching over our country, even though it doesn’t seem that’s so. 

Just keep praying and have faith that soon it will snow.

Soon the flakes will fall and they will hit the ground.

While we all look in awe at all the loss that can be found.

For when the fire stops, you will push on and restore. 

For when God closes a window–he opens a door.

That door will soon come open. Your losses will be seen.

We will be there watching pushing you to believe.

Believe that what has happened no matter how devastating it may be. 

There’s a bright side in this horrific event that has yet to be seen. 

Maybe it’s to pull us close. Show us we are blessed.

Maybe it’s to show our country the silly problems don’t compare to this mess.

We often take for granted what we have–the things that are simple and small.

What we don’t realize is that these are the things that mean the most of all.

Our life may not be perfect, but we do our very best.

For its when we see tragedies like these it reminds us we are blessed. 

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