Thank A Farmer

As the end of “Thank A Farmer Week” draws near.

It’s important we continue to thank them all year.

For waking up early, for braving the heat.

To working non stop to provide the food we eat.

For missing family dinners and date nights.

For raising our food safely and right.

For working long hours despite the short pay.

They continue to work day after day.

They are passionate people, some of the greatest on earth.

They witness death, struggles, but also birth.

They place their seed in the ground praying it will grow.

It could be harmed by pests and the weather, they never know.

Regardless of the outcome they do what they do.

Because their passion in life is feeding people, including you.

So if you get stuck behind a slow tractor on the road somewhere.

Their life is more important then hurrying to get there.

They have our best interest at heart, they definitely do.

They take care of what they produce, not just for them but for you.

Show them you trust them and respect what they do.

Give them some credit for what they do for you.

Thank them when you see them and give them a hand.

They will take that gratitude back to their land.

They will continue to work harder, become more efficient and wise.

They will continue to fight even though some consumer still despise.

So let’s trust our farmers. Listen when they share

If we don’t, they have more they have to fight all year.

So here’s to you farmers. The ones working the land.

We are thankful for what you do, for producing all that you can.

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